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Metta Mats

Yoga Saves Mat by Metta Mats

Yoga Saves Mat by Metta Mats

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Special collaboration between the Trini Foundation x Metta Mats. Available in Black or Green. Purchase directly from Metta Mats.

  • Made-by-hand in Philadelphia - Ships in 3-5 business days
  • Metta Mats are the most vibrant artwork available on a yoga mat.
  • Unique, proprietary surface grips in all environments, dry or sweaty.
  • 20% of each sale goes directly to the Trini Foundation
  • 5 lbs; 72” long; 26.25” wide; 3.5 mm thick.

Materials Used

  • The mat surface has a grippy, canvas-like texture - Metta Mats' proprietary blend of glycol, polypropylene, and silica - all recognized as safe materials. The durable and translucent surface protects and accentuates the details of the artwork on the mat.
  • The mat's base is made from high-density natural tree rubber
  • Completely free of any PVC or any other toxic materials


  • Sustainability: The mats are very durable and last through years of consistent use. Longevity is a very important factor in assessing environmental impact.
  • Grip: Our mats are made to grip when both wet and dry and are great for all disciplines of yoga, including hot yoga.
  • Waterproof: The mat is completely waterproof. Sweat can easily be rinsed off the mat.
  • Improves With Use: Your mat will reward you with more use! The surface of the mat will get softer and grippier with more use.
  • UV-Proof: The mat is UV-proof and can withstand prolonged sun exposure
  • Joint Protection: The mat’s surface distributes weight to the rubber base below for proper joint protection and versatility on carpet, cement or hardwood floors.
  • Easy-to-Clean: Simply wipe down with soap or vinegar or any other natural cleaning product or spray off with a hose. For more detail, please see the “Use and Care” section on our About Us Page.

Made With Care! Every mat we made is done start to finish by us, with an artisanal dedication to quality.

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